[Northkeep] reminders !!!

Ld.blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Sun Feb 20 14:49:41 PST 2011


since Monday is a Holliday officers meeting will not be at the library Monday night.
officers meeting will be held at fighter practice on wed. night.

also please remember that if you know / have seen someone that you believe is deserving of an award , NOW is the time to be sending in those award recommendations to the crown and our own baron and baroness , in order for the crown to be able to give each recommendation due consideration , and to give the b & b a heads up ; )

and finally since the end of the month is populace night , and we have to have the newsletter out by the end of the month, all items you wish to be included in the Feb. saga need to be to the lady chronicler no later than this coming wed. night after officers meeting. yes , this includes officers reports ; )

we now return you to our regularly scheduled episode of leave it to blackmoon ; )

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

ps, knights marshal could you remember to bring both last months and this months waivers to officers / fighter practice ?  thanx .

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