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The Runestone link is cool but...it is not a bond shared by the entirety of the 
Northern Region which spans all of Oklahoma and the western part of North Texas. 
What ever we choose has to be something that all the Northern regional lands can 
be united under.


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On 6/30/2011 9:45 AM, Angus MacKnochard wrote:
> For me,
> the meaning of the name is way less important than many other factors.
For the most part I agree, but also remember a young lady who had chosen a name 
that she found out later meant "a bird's private parts" or something along that 
line.   Don't care so much what it means in the positive sense, just nothing too 
> how many kingdoms, or groups can you name, of those how many of those names 
> meaning?
Know Calontir and Ansteorra, but that's about it.
> 1. is it pro-nounc-able
Amen, which is why some of the interestingly spelled (Gaelic?) didn't really 
appeal to me.  But at the same time I still like Quivara, though I know some 
would pronounce it after those things that carry arrows--not that the ap Dewi 
clan will probably mind. :-)

I would also add Her Grace Willow's (and Adalia's) request that it is something 
that bards will not find too difficult to rhyme with or use.
> 2. it must pass a GOOBER test
>      does it just look stupid
Definitely.  The rest of your points I completely agree with.  As to the Rune 
stone idea, although there is definitely doubt as to the true origins and 
meanings behind them, as Marc pointed out, they are still a legend for which the 
are is well known, probably more well known than the five cities of gold of the 


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