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I can't argue with them being a well-known legend, although possibly not as well known as the cities of gold, at least outside this region.  And since I 'm pushing for a legendary name myself, THAT certainly isn't a problem...


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> On 6/30/2011 9:45 AM, Angus MacKnochard wrote:
> > For me,
> > the meaning of the name is way less important than many other factors.
> For the most part I agree, but also remember a young lady who had chosen 
> a name that she found out later meant "a bird's private parts" or 
> something along that line.   Don't care so much what it means in the 
> positive sense, just nothing too negative.
> > how many kingdoms, or groups can you name, of those how many of those names have
> > meaning?
> Know Calontir and Ansteorra, but that's about it.
> > 1. is it pro-nounc-able
> Amen, which is why some of the interestingly spelled (Gaelic?) didn't 
> really appeal to me.  But at the same time I still like Quivara, though 
> I know some would pronounce it after those things that carry arrows--not 
> that the ap Dewi clan will probably mind. :-)
> I would also add Her Grace Willow's (and Adalia's) request that it is 
> something that bards will not find too difficult to rhyme with or use.
> >
> > 2. it must pass a GOOBER test
> >      does it just look stupid
> Definitely.  The rest of your points I completely agree with.  As to the 
> Rune stone idea, although there is definitely doubt as to the true 
> origins and meanings behind them, as Marc pointed out, they are still a 
> legend for which the are is well known, probably more well known than 
> the five cities of gold of the Conquistadors.
> Ismet
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