[Northkeep] Shakespeare Festival... The Epic Recap!

Amadeo Estevão rockmeamadeo at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 09:57:39 PDT 2011

Yves was one of the performers.  Let me just say the mere watching of this,
much less them actually performing, was an epic adventure.

Friday they made it maybe 15 minutes into *As You Like It* before the
heavens opened and the show was called...

Saturday the heavens opened up prior to the start of the show.  After
waiting it out for a few minutes and him listening to the wails of the
director that they must again call this show, Yves looked at his cast mates
and bodly declared that as all but two of them were classically trained (and
should know how to project) that they should just take off their mics and do
the show in the rain!

And so it went.  And so did the rain turn into a deluge upon their heads,
but that did not deter them.

Neither did the pea sized hail that started to fall nor even the nickel
sized hail that began to pelt them!

It ended up being a very fun and memorable show for the brave souls that
stayed, of which there were more than expected.  The nuns in attendance even
stayed until the nickel sized hail went on the attack!


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