[Northkeep] Fundraiser tonight???

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 7 11:50:36 PDT 2011

I am pretty sure the SCA should stay out of the official side of this thing as 
much as possible. But its members who want to see the fair go on should 
volunteer to help.

Ways to get it out there...
1. People marching in a parade dressed in costumes carrying a banner printed 
with all the details of the fair.
2. Setting up a booth at every little festival and community activity in Tulsa 
County manning it with people in costume and handing out fliers.
3. Plastering fliers in every game shop, head shop, and thrift store in town.
4. Radio spots.

Ways to raise money
1. Sell T-shirts and Bumper stickers in those booths at events where you are 
handing out fliers.
2. Bake sales at Walmarts always a good deal.
3. Sell sponsorships to local businesses especially those who might have 
customers that frequent the fair (Sherry's Mall in Choteau OK, Top Deck Games, 
Oz, etc)

Ideas at the fair 
1. Have better signage coming into the park at the entrance something big that 
says hello you want to come in here. And have visible path  leading to the 
parking areas something simple like colored flags that can be seen along the 
road leading to the location.
2. Don't spread the fair out all over keep the merchants together, so people can 
easily move about with out having to travel all the way across the top of the 
3. Make a real food court with picnic tables and various the food vendors lined 
up together together, 

4. Have a royal pavilion where the king and court can do their thing...and 
designated stages for the entertainers to preform on. 

5. A land organizer on site for set up to show people to their spot.
6. Have a costume contest for customers who attend.
7. Have fair foods turkey legs, root beer, etc.
8. A maze made out of painted sheets for the kiddies to wander through
9. Have a tavern where the beer is served and baudy songs are sung by 
10. A crafting area where blacksmiths and weavers, woodcarvers etc work.

Need any more ideas!

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