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Tue Jun 7 15:05:21 PDT 2011

Nope. Have suggested every single one of these things, plus one more, moving
the fair to a weekend we can have a "school free day" for kids. county

As far as the theme goes, I wasn't aware there were organized vampire groups
in the area, the people on the board who could have known, opposed the whole
thing and so excused themselves from participating. I wasn't trying to
target scadiens, as it seems a little onerous to put the responsibility to
fund the faire on your heads when you already do so much in the community. I
was trying to target twihards and their moms.

The county's take on all the budget cuts is simple, they are only keeping
events that cost them 0 dollars, which in my opinion is right and just.
After much thought, I do not believe it is the counties responsibility to
finance what should be privately sponsored events.
Even the fourth of July show should be financed by the chamber of commerce
or other kinds of organizations.

As far as running the fair is concerned, Jerry, your right on target with
everything. Last year we were supposed to have electricity enough for
several vendors to have fryers in one location. They were spread out because
that's were electricity was.
This year, they have to supply their own generators. (That'll add a little
to the ambience, don't you think..sigh..)

Craig Fergusson is they guy who does Meister's realm, he goes to all the
events he can and hands out flyers for all the fairs' in the tri state area.
He's in my friends list on FB.

We have been looking for sponsors and may have found one with Mike at
Cherrie's antique Mall in Cheauteau. Again, this is an area where I'll
believe it when I see the check. again, shrug.

It takes roughly 6,000 to barely cover the minimum costs of advertising and
entertainment for this faire. I'd like to have closer to 10 so we can get on
the radio and do more posters and banners around town. I'd really like to
have a billboard, 800$ minimum for 1 month.

I'd like to have the faire somewhere more central to Tulsa proper, many
people I talked to said they'd never even heard of Chandler park before.

I'd like the schools with history and drama departments to get involved. But
our fair is in September. Nobody has time to prepare anything that quickly
in the fall. Would be better to have something the first of October but then
we contend with Oktoberfest and Halloween.

I don't know what the answers are. I've been beating my head against the
wall for 3 solid years. I want to help. I want to make this faire great but
it just has so many things going against it and moving it to spring wont do
for fear of the great and powerfull Oz..I mean muskogee. Again shrug.

We (the board) have been strongly hinted that someone should take over the
faire from the county. Anybody interested in an old fashioned Viking coup?

On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 1:50 PM, Jerry Herring <j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net>wrote:

> I am pretty sure the SCA should stay out of the official side of this thing
> as
> much as possible. But its members who want to see the fair go on should
> volunteer to help.
> Ways to get it out there...
> 1. People marching in a parade dressed in costumes carrying a banner
> printed
> with all the details of the fair.
> 2. Setting up a booth at every little festival and community activity in
> Tulsa
> County manning it with people in costume and handing out fliers.
> 3. Plastering fliers in every game shop, head shop, and thrift store in
> town.
> 4. Radio spots.
> Ways to raise money
> 1. Sell T-shirts and Bumper stickers in those booths at events where you
> are
> handing out fliers.
> 2. Bake sales at Walmarts always a good deal.
> 3. Sell sponsorships to local businesses especially those who might have
> customers that frequent the fair (Sherry's Mall in Choteau OK, Top Deck
> Games,
> Oz, etc)
> Ideas at the fair
> 1. Have better signage coming into the park at the entrance something big
> that
> says hello you want to come in here. And have visible path  leading to the
> parking areas something simple like colored flags that can be seen along
> the
> road leading to the location.
> 2. Don't spread the fair out all over keep the merchants together, so
> people can
> easily move about with out having to travel all the way across the top of
> the
> part.
> 3. Make a real food court with picnic tables and various the food vendors
> lined
> up together together,
> 4. Have a royal pavilion where the king and court can do their thing...and
> designated stages for the entertainers to preform on.
> 5. A land organizer on site for set up to show people to their spot.
> 6. Have a costume contest for customers who attend.
> 7. Have fair foods turkey legs, root beer, etc.
> 8. A maze made out of painted sheets for the kiddies to wander through
> 9. Have a tavern where the beer is served and baudy songs are sung by
> entertainers.
> 10. A crafting area where blacksmiths and weavers, woodcarvers etc work.
> Need any more ideas!
> Kindly
> Ian
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