[Northkeep] Seeking: Infant garb patterns

Sweet, Debby deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu
Fri Jun 10 07:33:02 PDT 2011

>Does anyone have _patterns_ for infant garb that I could pick up either
>today or tomorrow, borrow for a few days, and return immediately? I
>Any help with a pattern would be greatly appreciated!

The easiest pattern I found was to use two receiving blankets and make a simple T-tunic out of them. Use some baby shirt that isn't too stretchy to help with the size of the neckhole and the sleeves -- the neckhole will seem to be huge compared with an adult T-tunic. Make it slightly too long so that it covers the legs.  Of course, my child was born in Oct, so a receiving blanket might be too warm -- some other fabric might work better.


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