[Northkeep] Apologies To Her Grace and Mistress Catrin

AlannaCDP at aol.com AlannaCDP at aol.com
Tue May 10 14:22:21 PDT 2011

I am so sorry not to have been able to follow through as I had planned and  
sing for Their Grace's anniversary celebration.  They are both very special 
 to me and I had been looking forward to seeing them and all of you at  
However, my mother was taken to the hospital early Saturday and that  
changed all existing plans I have had for the time that she is there.  I do  not 
know yet when she will be released.
I hope that I will be able to join with Mistress Catrin and sing some of  
the old songs that we remember, from principality and early Kingdom days.
Much love to you all,
Mistress Alanna

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