[Northkeep] Scribal Guild Tonight

Tamara Britton zeurburt2003 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 14:09:09 PST 2011

Just a reminder that I will be bringing my art supplies and charters to A&S tonight. I will, however, be spending time at Master Beorhtlic's class on judging A&S competitions. 

Anyone interested in scribal work may come, and I will be more than happy to set you up with practice pages for beginners. I will also have the more advanced charters for those of you who are already skilled in the scribal arts. I will be arriving around 5:30pm and generally stay until 8:30pm. This is at the Martin East Regional Library at 25th and Garnett.

See you there,
HL Dervilia O'Shannon
Seneschal/Baronial Scribe

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