[Northkeep] OT Marine Christmas Cards

Tamara Britton zeurburt2003 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 13 16:35:01 PST 2011

Hello everyone,

I send a care package every month to my little brother, who is a marine in Afghanistan. The last box I sent (his Thanksgiving box) I had my students write "Thank You" letters and sent them with the normal goodies that I buy for him and his fellow marines. He just emailed me that he received it and lots of thanks for all the wonderful letters. He and some of his buddies are even writing back to a few of my students.

So, I thought for the next box (his Christmas box) I'd fill it with Christmas cards and more letters, and thought I'd open it up to even more people. If you're interested, you can send a letter via email to me (off list, please don't reply on the list). I will print them up and send them off. (And unlike my students' letters, I won't read them or grade them :) Planning on sending the next box at the end of the week so that it gets there in time (takes about a month). So please email letters by Fri, Nov 18. I will also try be at FP on Tues night if you have a card you'd like to add.

Make sure you write to any marine, non-gendered as there are both male and female marines. If you want them to write back, include your address. These marines like to hear about what's going on in the US, as well as local and personal stuff as well. They are from all over the US, so keep that in mind if you talk about Tulsa.

Thank you,

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