[Northkeep] Northern Regional Fighter Practice December 4th

Morgan Blackdragon blackdragonmorgan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 16:15:13 PST 2011

The Barony of Namron will be hosting a Northern Regional Fighter practice
on Sunday December 4th (Right after Yule Revel) at Camp DaKani; 3309 E
Hefner Rd, Oklahoma City OK 73131 from 12 Noon to 5:00 PM.

Bordermarch Autumn Melees are coming up soon and Gulf War XXI is closing in
fast, so gather your weapons of war and come out to fight!

If you have questions about the Practice please contact Alexander Marcellus
at 4056940667, or clintmcullum at gmail.com or call Alicia Blackdragon at
4054208271 hotclady at gmail.com

Hope to see you there!

~Morgan Blackdragon CSS LXXXVI~
~Squire to Angus MacKnochard Bagadur~

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