[Northkeep] Gulf War attendance

Morgan Blackdragon blackdragonmorgan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 16:31:54 PST 2011

Hello Northkeep!!

It is time to start preparing for war!

The winds of Winter are upon us but soon it will be Spring... and with
Spring comes Gulf War XXI!!

If you are planning on being there and you are donning heavy armor for the
Northern Region of Ansteorra, send me a message.

Let me know if you are fighting Heavy Combat, Archery, Seige, and/or any
combination of those three.

I'm taking count of Definitely Gonna Be There's and Maybe's... no need to
reply if the answer is currently "No way can I make it".

And please, when you reply, send it directly to me at
BlackdragonMorgan at gmail.com so we don't clutter up the list.

Thank you for your time!

~Morgan Blackdragon CSS LXXXVI~
~Squire to Angus MacKnochard Bagadur~

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