[Northkeep] Mending clinic at A&S night

Jennifer Carlson talana1 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 29 07:42:46 PST 2011

"War is coming!"
You’ve heard it a dozen times already, and will hear it dozens more between now and next March.  Preparations are already well under way.  Archers are making arrows.  Siege engineers are tweaking designs.  Chivalric fighters are repairing or replacing weapons and upgrading armor.  Rapier fighters are doing the same.  Artisans are planning their entries for Kingdom A&S's Gulf Wars artisan champion slots.
And the night before leaving for war, some folks are going to discover, or remember, that there’s a hole in their trousers or a blown seam in their hosen or loose hem in their favorite gown, or that their work tunic is too snug because they put on a few pounds over the holidays.  The night before leaving for war is the wrong time to have to stop and make repairs.
So don’t put it off!  Next Monday, December 5, is Northkeep’s monthly A&S Night, and I will be holding a mending workshop.  Go through your wardrobe.  Find those things that need fixing.  Court clothes, fighting clothes, work clothes, whatever needs attention.  I will bring my sewing machine and some supplies, and be available to pin up hems, take in seams, show you how to patch or darn a hole or stocking, sew on a button, reinforce a blown grommet, or stitch on trim.
If you have a garment you need to patch, and still have some scraps of the material from when you made it, bring the scraps along, but: PRESHRINK THOSE SCRAPS.  You don’t want the patch shrinking and ripping the garment the first time you wash it.  Even if you preshrank the material before you made the garment, wash and dry those scraps again.
The meeting will be at Martin East Regional Library – the same place as Populace Meeting, but possibly not in the same room.  Baroness Mercedes usually arrives about 5:30.  I will try to be there as close to 5:30 as possible.
If you have a mending need and aren’t sure what needs to be done about it, write me off list.
In servicio,

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