[Northkeep] Fwd: A&S Saga Report for November

Stephanie Drake cerdanya at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 08:35:23 PST 2011

Hey guys - since my report accidentally didn't make it into the Saga I
thought I would post it here.


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I would like to thank Master Beorhtlic again for teaching his class on
judging A&S for our November meeting.  It was very interesting and
enlightening.  Our December meeting on Monday, December 5th will be a
mending workshop organized by Mistress Talana.  If you have torn or damaged
garb, bring it in to the meeting and learn how best to repair it.  If you
have any scrap fabric from when the garment was originally made, that could
prove useful so you should bring it along.

Duchess Willow and her team successfully delivered the decorated tree to
the Philbrook museum where, as I understand, the tree sold on the first
day.   The tree will remain on display at the Philbrook until Sunday,
December 11th.  There is a picture of the tree on Master Diarmaid's flickr
page:   flickr.com/photos/imarcc/6374417637/in/photostream    Plans are
already underway for a tree to donate next year, tentatively with a Norse
theme..  More information will be forthcoming.

Winterkingdom is coming up quickly.  We have a few teachers signed up at
this point.  If there is something you would like to teach, or a particular
class you would like to see, please contact the autocrats at
northkeep.winterkingdom at gmail.com

Lady Faolan MacFarland will be teaching a class on glass painting in the
coming months.  I'm hoping we can create some ornaments for next year's
Philbrook tree.  I'll let you know what month that will be happening.

In Service,

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