[Northkeep] Nasty smells (Was: Winterkingdom - a word from the autocrats)

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Wow.....what an email to be reading while eating soft cheese and crackers
for breakfast.....


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Actually, Your Excellency, I don't think Herself has ever objected to the
smell of melting resin.  
Melting resin has a nice piney fragrance overlaying the mild fragrance of
turpentine off-gassing.
To be accurate, I believe it was the actual rendering of tallow in her rice
pot that she was 
unhappy about.

Rendering tallow can smell like a lit of different things.  If you are using
fresh tallow, you
get a fatty/waxy smell (although if you are using the fat near the kidney,
it can faintly smell 
of ammonia).  If you are using cooked fat to make the tallow, the smell of
rending baked
blood is highly noticeable (and objectionable to people raised around beef
for some reason).

She has also expressed a distaste for the wholesome, earthy smell of
cadaverine emitted
from cleaning aged adipocere from inside bovine femurs, but there's no
accounting for


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