[Northkeep] Nasty smells (Was: Winterkingdom - a word from the autocrats)

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And I was phrasing things nicely...


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> Wow.....what an email to be reading while eating soft cheese and crackers
> for breakfast.....
> Ainar
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> Actually, Your Excellency, I don't think Herself has ever objected to the
> smell of melting resin.  
> Melting resin has a nice piney fragrance overlaying the mild fragrance of
> turpentine off-gassing.
> To be accurate, I believe it was the actual rendering of tallow in her rice
> pot that she was 
> unhappy about.
> Rendering tallow can smell like a lit of different things.  If you are using
> fresh tallow, you
> get a fatty/waxy smell (although if you are using the fat near the kidney,
> it can faintly smell 
> of ammonia).  If you are using cooked fat to make the tallow, the smell of
> rending baked
> blood is highly noticeable (and objectionable to people raised around beef
> for some reason).
> She has also expressed a distaste for the wholesome, earthy smell of
> cadaverine emitted
> from cleaning aged adipocere from inside bovine femurs, but there's no
> accounting for
> tastes.
> M/D
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