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Article IX : Coronet Sumptuary Laws
Section 5 : Baronial Coronets
A.  All barons and baronesses have the right to wear one of the following 
as a sign  of their rank:
1. Flat-topped coronets may have 6 to 12 spherical projections  of no more 
than ½ inch diameter extending from the top of the coronet. It is  
recommended that flat-topped baronial coronets be made clearly wider than  fillets.
2. Engrailed coronets may have up to six points or projections,  which may 
be surmounted by spherical projections of no more than ½ inch  diameter. The 
line of the coronet between points must be smoothly concave, in  order to 
clearly distinguish them from county coronets.
B. Territorial barons  and baronesses have the exclusive right to wear 
baronial coronets decorated with  the arms, ensign, or badge of their barony. A 
laurel wreath may only be included  as part of the arms of the barony. A 
baronial coronet should not have the  personal insignia of the baron or 
baroness, since it is not a personal coronet,  but one that represents the barony.
C. Ansteorran territorial barons and  baronesses, and court barons and 
baronesses who have ruled Ansteorran baronies,  may display a single Ansteorran 
Star on their baronial coronets.
D. Court  barons and baronesses have the right to wear standard baronial 
coronets, as long  as the decorations do not violate existing sumptuary laws.
Section 6 : Other  Kingdoms
Nobles who receive their nobility in other SCA kingdoms may wear  coronets 
that follow that kingdom‟s sumptuary laws, unless it is a striking  
violation of normally accepted SCA practice. Burden of proof is on the  noble.
In other words, the ONLY restrictions are those required to keep them from  
looking like fillets or territorial baronial, county or ducal  coronets. 
These are the laws in Ansteorra, and those of other kingdoms may  vary 
slightly. Read the sections just above this one to see what is mandated for  ducal 
and county coronets. The rules for territorial coronets are given here.  The 
other advice you've been given is sound; these are the rules. If any of it  
is not clear, let me know. Note that personal arms or a personal badge are 
fine  on a personal coronet, just not on a territorial one.
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ok, I'm trying to work on a project, and as usual  my research abilities 
are less than fruitful.
I believe I have the pattern  the proper size to begin assembly, but want 
to verify 1st.
so I need  someone with a much larger brain than mine to please point me 
where I need to  go look in order to find the allowable measurements for a 
court baronial " hat  "  , specifically , how tall may it be, and are there any 
color  restrictions ?? 

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun  .
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