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The rules of other kingdoms only apply if the baronial award came from  
another kingdom, and thus assuming you are planning something for a particular  
person, you only have to look at the rules for that one kingdom. If you 
want  some help with this, let me know.
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alas this is true, but as I was being totally  dedicated to this , my 
kingdom, and had not even thought that other  kingdoms might not be as 
enlightened and forward thinking as ansteorra  ,
the bright black star that leads and guides all those other , dare I say  
lesser kingdoms .
I guess this means that my poor old and feeble brain,  must now consult the 
all knowing heralds in order to learn the magnitude  of the penance I must 
perform for forgetting to see what those other  kingdoms think , backward 
though they may be : (

Be Safe , Be  Happy, Have Fun .

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> Laws  / style rules applicable to other Kingdoms may vary.
> Respect  and Loving Gratitude,
> Foreign Baron Pookie
>  "Love's lifelight dispels all shadows upon the path grown over with 
>  truth."
> ~  Pooky

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