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Jerry at Work jherring68 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 06:29:28 PDT 2012

Greetings one and all,
It is such a good thing to hear that fighter practice is seeing this
resurgence in attendance. It warms my heart to see old firends and to make
some new ones. Those of us who have been around for a while fondly remember
fighter practices as a place where our little community can gather,
socialize, bond, and grow. Once of the memories from my early days in the
SCA involves huddling together with several fiends sharing their full
circle cloaks on a crisp fall day at a fighter practice. While huddled up
there we sang the old SCA songs and just enjoyed each others company while
watching the local fighters in the park. It wasn't an event or a special
day just an average fighter practice where something memorable happened for
me. Many of those huddled in those cloaks are no longer with us...William
Blackfox, Kendra Kenmare, both passed away, and others have stopped playing
or move away but that memory is a nice one to pull up every now and again.

For some players Wednesday night practices is their only experience with
the SCA so how awesome would it be if we could make that experience an even
better one. Not all that long ago people would have not thought twice about
dressing up to do any SCA function. An attempt at period attire would be
worn to any SCA activity, including the weekly fighter practice. Even I am
guilty of showing up after work in my work clothes. This is a sad state of
affairs that should be changed if it can. Change like this can come easy
with very little effort and it would only be for the better. The atmosphere
set by people in period clothing should only enhance the Wednesday night
practice experience for everyone. From now on I will be showing up garbed
and I hope others will join in. I might even bring along my old song books.
I don't remember the tunes to a lot of those songs but I am better there
are people around who do. I am not looking for a bardic circle to break out
just the good old sing along kind of experience that used to be way more
common place in the SCA. Maybe we can even get more people attending these
practices and each of us bringing something a little special to the whole
experience how exciting would that be,

Next week is Grub and Garb lets try to make it an evening to remember.

Most Kindly,

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