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Well once again spell check and my enthusiasm muddles a message. If you
care to see the corrected text please read on, or just point and laugh at
my typo's.


On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 8:29 AM, Jerry at Work <jherring68 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Greetings one and all,
> It is such a good thing to hear that fighter practice is seeing this
> resurgence in attendance. It warms my heart to see old friends and to make
> some new ones. Those of us who have been around for a while fondly remember
> fighter practices as a place where our little community can gather,
> socialize, bond, and grow. One of the memories from my early days in the
> SCA involves huddling together with several fiends sharing their full
> circle cloaks on a crisp fall day at a fighter practice. While huddled up
> there we sang the old SCA songs and just enjoyed each others company while
> watching the local fighters in the park. It wasn't an event or a special
> day just an average fighter practice where something memorable happened for
> me. Many of those huddled in those cloaks are no longer with us...William
> Blackfox, Kendra Kenmare, both passed away, and others have stopped playing
> or move away but that memory is a nice one to pull up every now and again.
> For some players Wednesday night practices is their only experience with
> the SCA so how awesome would it be if we could make that experience an even
> better one. Not all that long ago people would have not thought twice about
> dressing up to do any SCA function. An attempt at period attire would be
> worn to any SCA activity, including the weekly fighter practice. Even I am
> guilty of showing up after work in my work clothes. This is a sad state of
> affairs that should be changed if it can. Change like this can come easy
> with very little effort and it would only be for the better. The atmosphere
> set by people in period clothing should only enhance the Wednesday night
> practice experience for everyone. From now on I will be showing up garbed
> and I hope others will join in. I might even bring along my old song books.
> I don't remember the tunes to a lot of those songs but I am better there
> are people around who do. I am not looking for a bardic circle to break out
> just the good old sing along kind of experience that used to be way more
> common place in the SCA. Maybe we can even get more people attending these
> practices and each of us bringing something a little special to the whole
> experience how exciting would that be,
> Next week is Grub and Garb lets try to make it an evening to remember.
> Most Kindly,
> Ian

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