[Northkeep] RETURN OF THE DRAGON seeks TEACHERS for A & S

Preston Selby diresquire at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 1 18:00:56 PST 2012

   The season is nigh, when the SAGA of the DRAGON shall be continued.

   The Chemin Noir Event, RETURN OF THE DRAGON is set for the weekend of JULY 6-8, at CAMP WA SHA SHEE.
   There shall be LIGHT and HEAVY COMBAT, FEASTING, BARDCRAFT, and the opportunity to win FABULOUS TREASURE!

   We shall also be hosting CLASSES in the ARTS and SCIENCES. To this end, we seek SCHOLARS and ARTISANS to teach classes in their respective fields. We send this call for teachers into the Barony of Northkeep and surrounding territories.

    Interested parties may contact Eskel Robert of Chemin Noir at 918-977-0844, or email diresquire at yahoo.com. The sooner we have a faculty, the sooner we can compile a class schedule, and the more effectively we can pitch your class.

We set our hopes upon your reply,
Eskel Robert of Chemin Noir

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