[Northkeep] Bună ziua, Bonjour, Guten tag, Buongiorno and Hello!

Alexandros Crane alexandroscrane at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 21:41:37 PST 2012

Greetings Barony of Northkeep, et al!

I do hope this missive finds you all well and have faith that it will.
While I feel as though an introduction may be unnecessary, I feel the need
to do so regardless:

My name is Alexandros Crane, brother of Nicolae Crane. I'm fairly new to
the Society(though I've been exposed to it for years) but I've been doing a
heavier foam-based fighting for nearly twelve years(some of you may have
heard of or seen Melee). I'm finding heavy fighting much more fun than I
expected and light fighting quite fun so far and plan on continuing to do
both in time, at least ideally. I'm depressingly uncreative and clumsy when
it comes to arts and sciences so I'm not sure how far I'll be able to
participate in that aspect but I have heard I've got a knack for cooking a
few things(guacamole being one of them?).

I had planned on this being as long winded and elegant as my usual missives
to the Melee group, though I feel as though most people around Northkeep
and neighboring holds have met me, at least in passing; I promise to do
better in the future.

In Faith,
Mr. Alexandros Crane

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