[Northkeep] Silly question!

Linda Moore gwyneth1362 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 1 07:09:09 PST 2012

These are really good suggestions, and if you are looking for quick and easy I second the shower curtain idea*.  The one thing I would keep in mind is how air flows through your pavilion - for me, it affects what kind of fabric I would use.  If you are going to be blocking off an end that will then have no access to air at all, using a plastic will make it hotter, whereas using a breathable fabric will help make it more comfortable.  You should also consider how see-through the fabric is.  Sometimes sheets are more transparent that we would like.

Gwyneth *though, the idea of using plain sheets that you could then decorate with fabric paint or applique is really appealing.  It would be easy to put a quick hem across the top once the design was done.
 > i got some polyester silk for my walls inside the tent... ....but a cheep
> way to do it is shower curtains .. they already are hemmed and have rings
> so you can run rope on top to hang from poles.... and weights at bottom to
> help them stay in place.... i used the shower curtains for many years and
> can get them for under 20 bucks most dollar stores .... if you need them at
> angles the great thing is tie knots in a rope from center pole  to stake at
> the edge of tent ...with the knots in the shower curtain holes.... this
> will keep it in place and make it easier to keep tight . ... just make sure
> you check the height... hate to get to event thinking you have good walls
> to find out they do not go from top to ground ... they come in 5 to 7 ft
> tall ... most are 5 to 6 wide ...even if you go with 2 dollar liners they
> are frosted and let light in but can not see through them ...
> hope this helps ...
> Felemid MacPhail
> MKA Mike Coone
> On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 10:25 PM, Tamara Britton <zeurburt2003 at yahoo.com>wrote:
> > What about hanging sheets? They typically have that fold over at the top
> > that might easily slide over a rope or they can be hooked to it somehow.
> >
> > Dervilia
> >
_____________> > Greetings,
> >    Does anyone have a GOOD, INEXPENSIVE, way to make a "privacy"
> > curtain/wall in a pavilion, for Gulf War. Our pavilion has two end "poles"
> > and one long support pole that runs along the center. Any help would be
> > greatly appreciated.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > Elisabeth

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