[Northkeep] November Demo!

willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Sun Nov 4 18:29:36 PST 2012

I believe that I can help out. How about a coronet making class. Or a wall hanging class and learn how to draw a unicorn or deer wall hanging. Or Women in the middle ages. Love in the Middle Ages. . I could do one on the virtures of knighthood and how chivilary can be used in our everyday life Another class I do is courtesy in the middle ages. I would be willing to do an Storytellng class on stories that were important to people in the Middle Ages. Just tell me what you want me and I will do it.  
If you are looking for demo things I could punch a design on a brass plate so they could make their own medieval platter. 
My only problem is tranportation. I am sure His Grace will be working on a paper and will not be able to take the time off to drive me.  
Do you think that the girls would like to wear Norman? I have that kind of dress  I could lend. 
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