[Northkeep] Gulf War Tower Improvement Project

Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 10:57:36 PDT 2012


At Gulf Wars this year it was discovered that over the last 10 years the 
towers have had some wear and tear and some damage due to water leaks 
and are in need of repairs.

In talking with TRMs and TRHs it was decided to begin getting organized 
and to plan on making the repairs necessary to the Towers to keep them 
standing tall and strong. I will be heading up and coordinating the 
overall efforts.

Baronessa Caterina (dnk_p at hotmail.com) and Lady Margherita 
(vallie.copley at gmail.com) have volunteered and will be heading up and 
coordinating the fund raising efforts for Ansteorra. They will be 
sending out information in the near future about those plans and needs.

We have selected the weekend of December 15th as our target to go to 
site and work on getting everything done.


HL Vincenti da Murano
Ansteorra Tower Improvement

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