[Northkeep] Ansteorra Tower Improvement Project - Work plans

Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 11:12:41 PDT 2012


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The weekend of December 15th we plan on going to the Gulf War site and 
repairing the towers and having the stumps ground. We will need at least 
a couple of full work days on site to get this done. So leaving out 
Wednesday after work, getting on site Thursday morning and having the 
rest of the day Thursday, all day Friday and Saturday, then packing up 
and heading back Sunday will probably be what is planned.

The fund raising for the stumps has already been completed. The fund 
raising for the Towers is getting started.

The fund raising is to cover the gas cost to get to site and materials 
needed to do the repairs.

Depending on where people are coming from I would like to see several 
vehicles going with several people in each vehicle. Vehicles will leave 
from different regions so that more people can go and help.

We will need about 12 people on site. These people will be broken up in 
to teams so that the work can be done as quickly and efficiently as 

There is always a chance that bad weather could cause a rescheduling but 
we are going to plan for this date and if there are problems we will 
deal with those at that time.

If you think you might be able to go, please contact me so that I can 
start making a crew list.


HL Vincenti da Murano
Ansteorra Tower Improvement
Cell: 405-361-6761

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