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Tue Sep 4 10:31:33 PDT 2012

 Renee Walker 11:40am Sep 4  
I have had a couple of people asking if there was anything "particular" that we need for the Stone Soup Potluck. I don't want to spoil the spirit of things by making a "recipe" but I did agree to post a list of things that might be useful.

For the Soup Pot:
1) Cans or Cartons of Broth
2) Canned Veggies of your choice
3) Herbs and Spices
4) Vegetable Broth or V8
5) Barley, Pasta or Beans 
6) Cans of stewed or chopped tomatoes

"Of course, soup is only part of a meal .... It takes bread and ale to fill it out," the traveler proclaimed. "And of course, good company. So ... bring your families and bread and drink ... and we will feast together!" 
~Stone Soup adapted by Elspeth Sapphire
As for extras:
1) Loaves of bread. Something hearty to stand up to the soups! Homemade would be awesome if someone loves to bake!
2) Crackers. Homemade would be great if someone has a recipe, but boxed are good too.
3) Chunks of Cheddar or Monterey Jack Cheeses
4) Veggie Tray 
5) Fresh Fruit like Apples or Pears
6) Desserts like cookies, brownies, muffins, cakes or pies (I plan on bringing a pumpkin pie, I think!) 

Remember:"The point of Stone Soup isn't that it's delicious. The point is that we make it together!" ~ Teacher Tom  
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