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Catherine Lackey catanlac at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 4 07:21:18 PDT 2012

    A few weeks ago, I was surfing Ebay (which is my naughty wont to do) and I found a couple of stores selling amber jewelry that really looked great.  Even better, the prices were amazingly low.  As a person who has seriously collected amber for over thirty years, I am not easy to impress.  But this stuff looked so good and the prices so low (necklaces started at about $7.00), I figured I couldn't go wrong.  I ordered some for myself and some for gifts.
   Well, it arrived a little while ago, and I was stunned by the quality.  The artistry of the designs and attention to detail, right down to the color of the thread used for each necklace was amazing, and like I said, I'm not easily impressed.  These are affordable prices even for really long length necklaces.   I decided to tell people in case there are other people out there who might be interested.  If you love amber but think you can't afford something really nice or all you see out there that is inexpensive are the strings of amber chips that look just like every other string of amber chips, you need to check these stores out.  Right now I am wearing four necklaces in graduating lengths  that cost a total of less than $57.00, and the longest is 47" long. They are all different designs, in all colors of amber, and quality stones.  Shipping costs were very reasonable, too.  Some of the stones in several of the necklaces are quite large.
   The stores are on Ebay and the vendor names are amberdali and lunaleona.  I don't often make recommendations but I think that these vendors and their wares are really worth a look for anyone who loves amber but has a budget.  Happy shopping!

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