[Northkeep] Recruitment ideas

Jerry Herring jherring68 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 07:31:08 PST 2013

After some posts on the Kingdom list conversing about recruitment and
retention I wondered if our group might like to think about and discuss
some opportunities in those areas? There are two potential places where
recruitment might occur and I do not think that our Barony is currently
doing any active recruitment.

1.Tokyo in Tulsa - August 2nd-4th, 2013.  This could be is a huge venue for
the SCA to make a presentation. The people attending this convention
already have an interest in costuming and many of the younger players in
Chemin Noire and Northkeep are familiar with the event. If the Barony were
to stage a demonstration, or just man a booth at this convention it is my
thought that would generate a good deal of interest in what we do. The
booth might be manned by our members working on needle work, weaving,
leather work, making jewelry, crafting chain-mail. These are just thoughts
that I had. The follow up for this could be a two or three part ordeal;
first a medieval costuming seminar to help teach those interested how to
make some period apropriate clothes, a combo fighter practice\armor making
session for those interested in the martial arts,  and an old fashioned
revel with a bardic sing along and food.

2. Trek Expo - June 21st -23rd 2013. Another huge venue for finding people
potentially interested in the SCA. Although I do not know if it would be
possible to arrange a full demo this might be a place where just having a
booth or convention table set up to pass out flyers and present A&S skills
might be a good way to go, If nothing else these kinds of events have a
printed program where a full page or partial page add might generate a good
deal of interest. As a follow up for this we could plan a mid-summers
themed revel.

Now if getting together a group of local members with enough interest to
man these events then what about pulling together a smaller contingent to
attend each of these events in costume and while attending casually
distributing flyers and answering questions from interested parties. Any
efforts along these lines however grand or small might draw in a new
generation of SCA players.

I look forward to hearing your ideas on this subject.


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