[Northkeep] Comic Con Tulsa

Linda Moore gwyneth1362 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 13 11:40:10 PDT 2014

Though I am another person who isn't really active, and so feel like I am coming a little from the outside, but I feel a need to stick my .02 in.
I don't really know what the Barony's financial situation is, but that would be my first consideration - can the group actually afford it without taking a hit somewhere else?  (and not asking for answers, just laying out my thoughts.)
And secondly, there are benefits and rewards to doing demos that are not simply related to how many new members walk through the door.  Increased community awareness of what the group is and what our members can do; positive interactions with business owners and vendors; and opportunities to spread some education around are all intangibles that can come out of demos and benefit Northkeep without bringing a single new member in. 

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