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Here's two more cents from someone who hasn't been playing lately, but still feels connected. Advertising works. I heard the presentation about the decline in SCA membership and participation which gave this organization a time limit until its demise. To me, we must get out there and use every advertising opportunity. One ad does a little,  each one after that does exponentially more. Exposure is essential to our existence. Most people I talk to never heard of the SCA. We were at Tokyo, we should be at Comic. Repeat exposure will grow our organization, locally, regionally, nationally. All kingdoms should embrace this strategy as a matter of survival for us all.

I oversaw a decommissioning of a local non-profit, and the disbursement of their leftover funds. If they had used those funds for recruiting, they would not have failed. I don't want to see that happen to Northkeep, Ansteorra, or the SCA.

Go to Comic Con.

Franziska von Locknitz

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Okay I just heard back from the Comic Con in Tulsa people! I am so excited.
It is happening November 7-8-9.

There are some things that we need to be aware of...

1. They don't do free space so we would have to pay for a booth.  A 10x10
booth with an 8 ft table and backdrop curtain costs $600.  With that we
receive 4 exhibitor tickets and can purchase more exhibitor tickets for $40
per person those are good for all three days regular admission three day
tickets are sold out and they cost $75.
2. We are working out the details of doing a fighting demo.
3. All of this is dependent on approval from the Seneschal and their
Excellencies for funding.

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