[Northkeep] Winterkingdom 2015!

BurgBorrendohl burgborrendohl at cox.net
Thu Nov 6 11:01:24 PST 2014

Question:  If the site is dry, does this mean classes on alcoholic 
beverages (which would include sampling) are not allowed?  My husband 
was hoping to recreate a class offered at Lilies which he took this 
year.  The class was taught by HL Leopold Rufkahr and the name and 
description was as follows:  "Wine, Beer, And Mead for the Confused:  
Knowing what to look for in a wine, mead or beer when you see, smell and 
taste.  Does my wine have legs and is that a good thing if it does?  
 From judging to being judged and so much more." Damon has been making 
wine/mead for over a 26 years and he said he learned much by taking this 
class.  It would require being able to sample wines, however.


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