[Northkeep] Ludo's Armor shop.

Andrew Lechner littlerukh at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 4 19:55:00 PDT 2014

So if you're on Facebook, you've probably noticed me posting the last few weeks about the shop being open. You may be wondering what thats all about. If you're not on Facebook, you may also be wondering what this is all about. For about 3 years Duke Jean Paul and I had a joint shop out on his and Duchess Gilyan's property in Manford. About 2 years ago they moved back to Stillwater and I moved back to Tulsa. With quite a bit of help from my friends, I finally have a shop worthy of making armor. So I would like to open the shop up to everyone. 

The official shop night will be Sundays from 7pm -10pm.

For the address, email me ( Ludo at hailmog.org ) or message me on Facebook

A few handy shop tips:

Bring cash: As always we appreciate it when people can contribute to the shop 
funds. This allows us to keep things like rivets, polish, tape and other things 
in stock. I try to keep all the necessary materials for armor on hand. We 
offer it to the populace at cost. For those of you who bring your own beverages, you 
are welcome to use the fridge, just be sure to put your name on them or they 
will become shop property. Sometimes we like to get pizza if you don’t want to 
be left out bring a few bucks to chip in.

Dress to work: We have things on fire and power tools. Close toed shoes are 
highly recommended. We have gloves, safety glasses and earplugs to loan.

Help save our tools and you. If you don’t know how to use a tool, ask. We’ll be 
glad to show you how to use the tool. If you just don’t feel comfortable using a 
tool let us know and we’ll work around it. I try to give the benefit of doubt if I let
you loose with a tool or method you aren't comfortable stop me and I'd work 
you through it. 

It doesn't have to go home but it can’t stay here. All personal items including 
works in progress have to go home with you at the end of the night.
!!!No exceptions!!!
I have too much junk already, just ask my roommate. 

Clean as you go: We normally have a full house and work space is a premium. 
Please try and keep the work areas free of clutter. If you leave before final 
clean up please make sure you clean up all your tools and supplies before you 

If you don't have a project or don't even fight, come on over. This is a social thing.
You may be conscripted to hold things if you just stand around. If you talk so much
you distract people from their projects I may throw leather bits at you.  We have a 
nice big grill if people want to get together and grill out.

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