[Northkeep] Coronation

Kimberlee Friend pirateladyeltd at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 7 14:50:01 PDT 2014

Coronation is this Saturday. A fewimportant notes to keep in mind:

1)The forecast for Saturday is a wet morning following Thunderstorms on Friday.Please consider bringing a pair of shoes for unpacking/packing and another, drypair for wearing inside for the event. Good traction is recommended; only theHall is carpeted so any tracked water could create slick spots. Also, mostfloors are tile and newly replaced or waxed and we want to be careful to leavethem in good condition.

2)If you are fighting in King's Champion, expect light rain throughout thetournament time. If you are not hoteling, consider pairing up with a friend whois in order to change/dry out/shower between the tourney and the courts. Also,please do not wear any cleated or similar shoes inside the church to helpprotect the floors.

3)Parking may be tight. Please note that you can park on both sides of the streetto the north side of the church. If you are healthy and able to walk well,consider moving your car, after unloading, to the north street to leave theparking lot for those a little less limber.

4)Seating for court is in the main church (the Nave or Sanctuary). The pews arehard wood so consider bringing your favorite seat cushion if that helps.

Wehope the above points will help you plan and make your attending Coronation alittle more pleasantly memorable.

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