[Northkeep] trying again, iso person that left computer.

Arthur Blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Sun Oct 5 18:41:35 PDT 2014


i am still trying to find the person that left their desk top computer 
here for me to fix.
i fixed it, but have not seen or heard from the person since he dropped 
off the computer.

description: newer person , younger guy ( compared to me ) average 
height, dark hair, two sons, one seems special needs , spoke of wanting 
to do rapier while he was here shooting archery.
i don't know what to do with the computer, the email address he gave me 
seems to send ok. ( i haven't gotten any bounce messages ) but i also 
get no response either.
i just sent my 3rd or 4th email to the email address he gave.... i have 
posted on the northkeep list, the northkeep fb page, etc.

does anyone know this person so that they can get their computer back ??


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