[Northkeep] Food for HL Reis ap Tudor's Vigil

Aline Swynbrook alineswynbrook at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 9 11:55:36 PST 2015

Greetings, Northern Ansteorra!
My name is Aline Swynbroke, and at the request of Mistress Emma and HL Reis, I will be coordinating the vigil food for his upcoming vigil at Kingdom Arts and Sciences and Mooneschadowe's Provincial Games!  I would love to have anyone who would like to contribute a dish or two help.  I've spoken with Reis and have developed the following list of requests:

1) We are going to try to keep the food period(ish) for the most part.  Ideally, this means we will avoid new world foods (corn, peppers, chocolate).  That being said, if there is a recipe you really, really want to do, please let me know.  We will work with it.  Additionally, if you want to help, but have no idea what to make, let me know!  I have a pretty extensive collection of recipes worked out for easy modern cooking.2) The vigilant is not a fan of liver, can't have large quantities of peanuts, and tends to prefer the more common cheeses.  He is a big fan of Indian food and anything in the meat family.3) Things that can be cut into small portions or come in small portions are good.  Vigils tables are designed similar to light appetizer buffets at events.4) I have a lot of wooden serving wear.  If you are concerned you don't have anything pretty enough to serve on, let me know and we will get that sorted.5) If you have a list of ingredients and can bring it, that's awesome!6) If you aren't a cook but would like to help, I could use people to occasionally give me breaks from monitoring food levels.  I would love some volunteers for that.
I can be reached at either this email, or at rebecca.l.williams at gmail.com.
Sincerely, in Service,Aline Swynbroke

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