[Northkeep] Tokyo in Tulsa

Jerry Herring jherring68 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 06:44:44 PDT 2015

I do not want to step on any toes but last time we did this I paid
attention. And I do understand some of what I say to people is viewed as a
little over the top and overtly enthusiastic but last year at Wizard World
the whole line about reading them the words in the three fold flyer that
talks about the pavilions around the glade and men fighting for honor by
the strength of their own hand, then telling them the SCA is a lot like
getting to living out your favorite medieval romantic novel really seemed
to resonate with a lot of people. Tokyo in Tulsa before that a lot of it
was about combat interests and both places really had a good draw when we
had men in some shiny armor out front of the booth where people could take
pictures with them holding real weapons.

Having a good mix of people at the booth is important both men and women,
fighters and artisans, bards and archers, etc. I know the booth seemed to
only have room for a maximum of 4 people at one time. And that was with two
of them standing out front for photo ops. These conventions are full of
young people and who ever works the booths needs to be able to relate to
them and be able to promote the SCA to people who are cosplaying and have
an interest in Anime. I recommend looking up some medieval Anime titles and
using those in your spiel about the SCA. Suggesting that what we do is a
lot like being able to Cosplay Ragnarock is not necessarily misleading, but
it might just be the hook you need to strike up a meaningful conversation
with some one.

I would love to help at the booth but with the baby I am not sure what my
level of actual participation can be, we sort of have to live by her


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