[Northkeep] Tokyo in Tulsa

Perrin de Beaujeu perrin14th at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 08:20:00 PDT 2017

Alright, So I will start my own post of this. First off, thank you Ainar (Rick
Drake) For all the prep help. Second, thanks to all of you who have offered
to help, sorry I haven't gotten this squared sooner. So first off yes
Friday is indeed set up. The time for that will be at 1;00 PM. If you need
to get me anything beforehand, I will be around all day tomorrow,
The things to bring, We need some pieces to show off. any style. Their
Excellencies are sending me a good number of items, but a broad range of
crafts are always great. I would love to see a banner or two on display. I
have weapons and armor, but if anyone had a armor stand and wanted to
display theirs, that would be also great.a small note is that we just have
a booth with "A" table, not a pavilion full of tables, so please be
We have 4 passes for people working at the booth, and I'm told they will be
transferable. to that end I would like to set up a schedule. Please state
which day and when you would be able to help. Don;t feel that you need to
help for huge chucks of the day, think of it as more like gate shift.
As stated I need help Friday 3-8, Saturday 10-8, and Sunday 10-5.
The Fighting demos are Friday at 6:00, Saturday at 2:00 and Sunday at
12:30. Please let me know if you can attend one of these.
Hopefully this answers the questions. let me know others you have as well.

This is a copy of the Facebook message I sent out as well
Also note my phone screen cracked, so I am running on a "burner" phone this
weekend anyone who needs me can contact me at 918-519-9298

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