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 I just got off the phone with Mistress Catrin ferch Gwillym. Her husband, HL Anton Thoth-Rukhkh, has had a stroke and is unconscious in the ICU in St John's. Complicating the issue is the fact that he seems to have gone into kidney failure at the same time. He's been off work for about a month thanks to an ankle he broke that is slow to heal. This apparently happened Monday and I'm just now finding out about it.

Catrin tells me he has been on dialysis (apparently full time), and they've taken him off -- not because there was no point like I thought but because the toxin levels in his blood tests have dropped to the point the doctors think his kidneys are coming back on line. They hope the uncontrolled twitching his body was going through (which Keigan experienced too) were caused by those toxins and have calmed enough that they can do an MRI this evening to better assess the damage caused by the stroke, but right now they hope it was a relatively minor one. But he's been unconscious for two days.

We will know more, and be able to assess the situation better, if and when he regains consciousness. He will likely be moved to a room and be able to have visitors at some point after that. (Catrin says he can have visitors now, but it's kind of boring -- her word, I'd have said pointless or depressing -- since you're just staring at or talking to an unconscious man.) She says she just got back from visiting him for the third time. She says he seems to move when she speaks, she hopes it is to let her know he hears, but fears it's just the muscle twitches.

If someone would pass this on to the Facebook groups, I'd appreciate it

Kevin Keary

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