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This just came from Kevin.

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I just talked with Catrin again, and I need to correct something I said yesterday. The doctors have been keeping him sedated so his body movements -- which they THINK were caused by the kidney failure but could have been due to the stroke -- wouldn't pull his IVs or monitors loose. They have him off dialysis now, and his jerking has abated to the point that they are hoping to 'wean him off' the sedation, and hopefully he will wake up soon.

She hasn't been there yet this morning, but is headed over as soon as her ride arrives. I am not on Facebook and apparently no longer subscribed to the Northkeep mail list, so I haven't been able to pass on anything to her from those sources. I don't know if she can read email at all.

And just in case my words about Keigan were misunderstood, that isn't a recent development. It was a few years ago that her kidneys finally shut down to the point she was having mini-siezures by the time they could get her home from Gulf War -- and we knew it was coming, just not how quickly. She had a port put in her aorta for a while until the fistula they built into her forearm healed, then they took that out and she goes to dialysis three times a week until we can get her eligible to go on the transplant waiting list. She isn't getting any worse, not quickly anyway.


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