[Northkeep] Upcoming A & S classes

Minister of A&S of Northkeep moas at northkeep.ansteorra.org
Thu Sep 20 17:06:13 PDT 2018

Greetings Nortkeep, coming up on Monday October 1st Lady Brianna is
teaching a class on blackwork embroidery for the A & S night at Martin
Regional Library. She will have up to 10 kits available so having your own
supplies is not manditory. If you have some experience feel free to join us
and share some examples of your work. Please let Lady Brianna know if you
will be attending and need a kit so that she may be prepared.

Coming up November 5th we will be having a class for intro level enkle
weaving, and a few looms will will be available for those who do not have
one. I am still looking for an instructor for this class so that I won't be
the one teaching, I can do it but might end up teaching some bad habits -
so please, experienced weavers, save these impressionable minds from my
heavy handed teachings.

Also I could use a volunteer for the December class on some form of period
or near period holiday decorations.

Yours in service, Ld. Lauren Augusten, MOAS

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