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Seneschal of Northkeep seneschal at northkeep.ansteorra.org
Wed Aug 12 09:21:59 PDT 2020

Proposed Principality of Vindheim Initial Regalia Proposals
In the event of recognition and advancement culminating with the Coronet
Tournament, our first Princess and Prince will need Regalia and other
sundry items necessary for their execution of office.
This is a call for Regalia proposals from artisans. Asking for proposals
does not guarantee that it will be made, or that the Principality will even
happen. Proposals will be due September 12th, 2020. Please submit all
proposals to northern at seneschal.ansteorra.org

· One set of “fancy” court level Coronets.
o Must meet Ansteorra Sumptuary Laws.
o Able to fit a majority of head sizes.
o Made of practical, easily repairable materials and coatings.
· One set of “field” Coronets.
o Must meet Ansteorra Sumptuary Laws.
o Must be relatively lightweight and comfortable.
o Able to fit a majority of head sizes.
o Should be durable.
· One set of Thrones.
o Must be diminutive in stature to the Ansteorra Royal Thrones.
o Must be able to be easily taken apart for transport.
o Must be easy to lift and move.
o Made of durable, repairable materials.
· Two kneeling benches/pillows.
o Made to enhance accessibility of the populace in kneeling or sitting in
front of the Coronet.
o Preferably designed in principal much like a garden kneeler.
· Two tabards displaying the Principality Arms for the Prince and Princess.
o Must meet the heraldic standards for signifying the Coronet and
differentiating the Prince and Princess.
o Must be a one size fits most pattern.
o Must be made of durable materials to withstand use on the field of battle.
o Must be machine washable.
· One Heraldic Tabard displaying the Principality Arms
o Must be a one size fits most pattern.
o Must be able to absorb tears.
· One Heraldic Book displaying the Principality Arms
o Must be able to hold and protect a 12”x18” sheet of paper.
o Needs to look official.
· One Sword of State
o Must be practical in size for transport.
o Provide a scabbard and method for attachment.
· Two Largess Boxes
o Prefer that they be just big enough to fit most award scrolls and also
have room for insignia and small pieces of largess. e.g. 18”x12”x10”
o Must be durable.
o Must not look inviting to sit upon.
· One banner displaying the Principality Arms.
o Must be colorfast.
o Must be able to easily mount to a variety of walls or pavilions.
· One Pennant
o Must be able to withstand the winds of Gulfnado.
o Must be colorfast.
o Must be able to flap in a moderate breeze.
· Any other overlooked item that you feel is essential to the Proposed
o Must provide a very good reason why the item is needed.
o Must not make any future Chamberlain wish that this item never existed.

All submitted proposals should address the following items explicitly:
· How closely it matches the requested performance requirements.
· Working sketches of what the finished product should look like.
· Any relevant dimensions or weights.
· Examples of artist’s previous works in the same medium as proposed
· Estimate the durability of the item.
· Estimated time needed to complete the project.
· A statement on any required care and maintenance.
· Any relevant documentation of historical sources that inspired the design.
· Any needed funds to help offset production cost.
· Location of manufacture and artist’s relation to the Region.
· Any easily overlooked or novel features of the design.
· How much of the general populace will be able to contribute to the making
of the item.
· Primary artist’s contact information.

After the call for proposals has been sent, a committee consisting of Five
Northern Regional Officers (Tentatively the Seneschal, Herald, Minister of
Arts and Sciences, Exchequer, and the Chronicler). They will review the
proposals and choose the ones that best meets the requirements.
If the Principality petition is accepted by the BoD, the artists will be
contacted, and commencement of work will begin. Date of item delivery will
be set to the weekend before the initial Coronet Tournament. Although the
specific dates when this might happen is still very unknown, I expect a
minimum period of performance of 3 months, if not much longer.
I look forward to seeking the talent and love from the artists of the
Northern Region and our close friends.

Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe
Northern Regional Seneschal

In service,
Lord Matthew MacGilleFhaolâin
Northkeep Seneschal

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