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Mon Mar 16 08:59:04 PDT 2020

Greetings Ansteorra from Master Avery Shaw, Kingdom Seneschal,

This is not the message I want to send, but sometimes we have that choice
taken away from us.

Yesterday, the Center for Disease Control issued new guidelines regarding
gatherings. I have listed the link for this notification below. These
guidelines state "for the next 8 weeks, organizers (whether groups or
individuals) cancel or postpone in-person events that consist of 50 people
or more throughout the United States." Having talked with The Crown and
Heirs and getting their agreement, in order to comply with this request, as
Kingdom Seneschal I am cancelling all Kingdom Calendar Events until at
least April 30th, 2020. Please note, with the limit being 50 people, this
does not include local gatherings such as fighter practices, guild
meetings, and such. I am still stating that each group is free to decide
what is proper for them regarding smaller gatherings. If your group feels
comfortable having a practice or whatever, please do so. Permission is not
required to cancel or continue small, local meetings. This cancellation
only applies to those events on the Kingdom Calendar. I have contacted the
Autocrats and/or Seneschals for each of the events affected, they are aware
and have started plans accordingly.

So, a few things. First, yes, this means that Coronation will be postponed.
I have sent a letter to the Society Seneschal requesting a variance to
allow this, he has already approved several other Kingdom's request for the
same, I do not see a problem with this request. The current plan is that we
will try to have our first events back the weekend of May 1-3. That will be
Namron Beltane and Coastal Grand Baronial. I say plan because this will
technically be week 7 of the 8 weeks in the CDC guidelines. We are hoping
that things will be good at this point, but please note that we cannot
guarantee. The following weekend, May 8-10, 2020, would be the 8th week,
currently that is Queen's Champion. Discussing with The Crown and Heirs,
the idea as of now is that we will combine events and that weekend will be
Coronation, Queen's Champion, and King's Champion. This is a lot, I know,
but we have done this before (Kein and Alisha II as well as Romanius and
Deanna). With the situation changing as rapidly as it is, again, I cannot
guarantee this is what will happen, but this is what we are planning for.

Second, all events that have been cancelled, both The Crown and Heirs have
stated that they would be happy for those events to be rescheduled once we
are back to normal again. I would ask that we wait a couple of weeks to see
where we are before we start that process, but please know, we want these
events to happen if possible.

I ask all of you to please be careful. Take care of each other. For now,
continue to meet and practice and work and play. As the situation moves
forward, I will be actively keeping all posted where we are and how things
are progressing. If you have questions, please ask them, either of myself
or the regional deputies. I may not have an immediate answer, but will do
my best to respond as quickly as possible.

This is not a missive I have ever thought I would have to pen. This is
going to be difficult, I know. But we are Ansteorra. All of us. And we are
strong. And we will help each other. And we will make this work. We love to
use the phrase "Because that's what Heroes do!" and normally, we are
referring to the bravery of those who stand in the center of battle and
show the Knowne World the glory and prowess that is Ansteorra. But
sometimes, the Heroes are the ones who simply make things work. Who check
on their brothers and sisters and make sure they are ok. Who can be placed
in front of a situation that is beyond reasonable and is not going to be
easy or fun...and who straighten their shoulders, set their minds, and who
then move forward and MAKE IT WORK. This is such a time.

We are Ansteorra. And we will be stronger than this. I know we will.

In Service to Ansteorra, always,
Master Avery Shaw - MoD, Pel, WSA, Lion
Kingdom Seneschal
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In service,
Lady Jehanne de Montauban
Northkeep Seneschal

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