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Hi Marguerite,

You are quite welcome to use any of the articles on my web sites (tents, furniture, etc.).

Bye for now,

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On Wed, 02 Aug 2000 10:42:03   Cherie Nolan wrote:
>I have decided to make a book about tent making and period encampments, to give to classes and one wanting to making a tent or have a encampment. If anyone wants to help
>with information. I will make sure that the person is quoted. It should have tent designs, patterns, where materials can be purchased at whole sellers, furniture patterns,
>what you think should go in to setting up an encampment, Basic how to do things, also historical documentation, from what thread is best to how to maintain the tent in good
>condition, waterproofing, how to get people together and have an encampment, resources. I will be working on this over a long period of time and will continue to up date.
>We don't have a book like this in this kingdom and it will be so much nicer for people to have something in there hand t look for advise. If you would like to be part of
>this and have pictures, articles, research materials, designs. Please send me an letter stating that you give permission for me to use these materials and the information
>you are submitting. There is no real dead line and as much information I can get the better and the more informed the populace reading can have. I will type articles as
>they are send not to miss quote anyone. If it does well then we can send it out to people who needs it in there kingdom. Thank you for your help! Marguerite
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