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I hadn't thought of that.. My first response was to just rub it with sand,
either with your (gloved) hand or against a bearing surface, like a sanding
block, using loose sand, not the sand paper.then graduate to finer grades of
sand, depending on the accuracy of your sieves...
PS I like this list, even if it is quiet sometimes!

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ttry a block of rough mom used to use it when taking the
rough spots off of her worked...            reahnna..who says
you can get a block of sandstone at a landscaping outfit...
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> Here's a question to spice up the list:
> I am building a simple Roman "pup" tent.  I am trying to do this in as
> painfully period a manner as possible (although it looks like I'll have to
> subtitute canvas for goat hides (sigh...).
> Here's the dilemma: I saved some long branches (2-3" diameter, I think
> to make the two upright poles, have de-barked them, and am whittling off
> branch bits.  They are still rough enough to cause splinters, though.  I'm
> sure something was used in medieval times to "sand down" (as we call it)
> wood.  I vaguely remember someone saying sandpaper (i.e. sand glued to a
> backing) was used in later period medieval Europe - but what did they use
> before then?
> Specifically, what would have been used by the Northern Europe woodworkers
> (Gaelic or Norse regions) before about 900 A.D.?
> Any other documentable evidence as to treatment of poles that might be
> to other tent-builders?
> Lady Wyllow of the Loch
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