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Mon Aug 14 08:56:00 PDT 2000

If one wishes to see true period encampments... try to find a
buckskinning/blacpowder group doing a 'rendevous'...there encampments are are
'period' to thier era...but the fact is, that much of what is period to the
1760-1840 blackpowder groups is period for the SCA.  Most of these group have
what they call 'flatlander days' - that tranlates into the general public in
mundane clothes... got something that is sorta period for them...
skirt, chemise... early period stuff for the guys... and you can get in and
shop.  BTW, many of the same merchants show at pennsic...and appear to cost more
at pennsic.

Last year at the Alafia Rendevous, there were many tents for sale... used, great

Let me know where you are and I shall see if I can find an event or two for you
to visit...

Annie, thunder

Lalliepop11 at wrote:

> I think this is a great idea!  As a newbie, I have no idea of what I need
> (well, I have some idea I just don't have anything yet!)  I didn't get to
> Pennsic this year, but I am planning on going next year and I want to make a
> pavilion and some furniture before then.  If you get this book together
> before then, put me on the list for one!  I'll buy one for sure!
> Marsaili:-)
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