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Our era ends in the 1600's does it goes that far back. As I remember a friend of mine in kansas the mountain man was part of the later era's. And was based on the the
american frontiers man. 
'bella wrote:
> If one wishes to see true period encampments... try to find a
> buckskinning/blacpowder group doing a 'rendevous'...there encampments are are
> 'period' to thier era...but the fact is, that much of what is period to the
> 1760-1840 blackpowder groups is period for the SCA.  Most of these group have
> what they call 'flatlander days' - that tranlates into the general public in
> mundane clothes... got something that is sorta period for them...
> skirt, chemise... early period stuff for the guys... and you can get in and
> shop.  BTW, many of the same merchants show at pennsic...and appear to cost more
> at pennsic.
> Last year at the Alafia Rendevous, there were many tents for sale... used, great
> shape.
> Let me know where you are and I shall see if I can find an event or two for you
> to visit...
> Annie, thunder
> Lalliepop11 at wrote:
> > I think this is a great idea!  As a newbie, I have no idea of what I need
> > (well, I have some idea I just don't have anything yet!)  I didn't get to
> > Pennsic this year, but I am planning on going next year and I want to make a
> > pavilion and some furniture before then.  If you get this book together
> > before then, put me on the list for one!  I'll buy one for sure!
> >
> > Marsaili:-)
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