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Lady Birgitta, I would love it if you did the research for persona play, Baron Pendaron would be a great person to contact. He teaches Classes on persona, That would be
really nice if you would write that article. Would some one like to do the research on furniture for me? Maybe we could have a list started on what we can put in it and who
is doing each article! The proceeds can go to pay for materials for a kingdom pavilion from the encampment Guild? I need to talk to the treasurer and see how we can do that
and kingdom Seneschal. I am deputy to Richard so I am going to call him tonight and Kingdom Treasurer. Not sure of money and funds. We need to watch the not for profit
status and kingdom laws, but I will find out the details tonight and let you guys know. Does anyone else have an article for the book they would like to see. Again thank
you Lady Birgitta for your help, Lady Marguerite 

Myrindyl at wrote:
> Lady Marguerite,
>     It occurs to me that, although the period accessories are important,
> there is more to having a period encampment than pretty stage dressing.
> Perhaps for the sake of these wishing to learn about a more thoroughly period
> encampment, the book could also include some articles on "persona play" and
> "being your persona."  What do you think?  I just think it spoils the effect
> created by all the period furniture and pavilions if the people in the
> encampment are talking about computers and day care.
> Just my two pence,
> Lady Birgitta
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