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Nessa Giddings nessaofthelox at
Thu Aug 17 10:45:52 PDT 2000

--- EBM BOREHAM <EBB827 at> wrote:
> Hi there, just a couple of things I've discovered in
> making my own pavilion.
> Quilting thread is an ideal thread since it is light
> enough for a household sewing machine to cope with, 
> but stronger than normal thread.
> A type of paint that works well on canvas is
> "one-coat" silk emulsion. 
> Hope this is of use to someone.
> Ed Boreham 

When researching to make my own tent someone gave me
the wonderful advice not to use thread that is heavier
than your fabric. If the thread is stronger than your
fabric, your fabric might tear instead of your seam.
It is easier to fix a seam than a tear. Also to paint
my tent I used exterior latex watered down 1:1. It
works very fine with color on natural colored canvas,
one coat and you are done, but light paint on a darker
canvas not so well. You end up putting layers on, then
it cracks. 
Two bits that worked for me

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