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Nessa what is the material you are using to make your tents. I have made about many with different types of materials and have never had them tear in very high winds and
have not had any tent tear at the seams or from the thread breaking. I had one customer tear his tent at an event we was at.  But he had talk to me about four hours before
the storm and told me that he not been taking care on it. It molded and dry rot really bad the strange thing was when it tore it ran across the front of the tent and across
three seams. the seams was still intact and the material along the edge of the seam was still ok. This was a plain canvas tent so the dry rot and mold was understandable.
But if you use to light of thread then the seam will spilt apart. If you double roll flat the seam and use a heavy thread and sew the seam twice once on each side. Then
your tent should never have problems coming apart or tearing. I was wondering if you are using a really light weight material that was causing this problem? 

> When researching to make my own tent someone gave me
> the wonderful advice not to use thread that is heavier
> than your fabric. If the thread is stronger than your
> fabric, your fabric might tear instead of your seam.
> It is easier to fix a seam than a tear. Also to paint
> my tent I used exterior latex watered down 1:1. It
> works very fine with color on natural colored canvas,
> one coat and you are done, but light paint on a darker
> canvas not so well. You end up putting layers on, then
> it cracks.
> Two bits that worked for me
> Nessa
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